Seneca Lake Sampson/North End Report 5/4


Couldn’t wait to fish today as it’s been a while since I targeted lakers on Seneca Lake. It didn’t take long to get into fish today off Sampson State Park! Fish were in 90′ to 105′ of water. Temps on the surface were around 40. We landed around a half dozen lakers up to 27″. We released the big guy plus a 16″ small one. Stomach checks revealed huge alewives in one fish, a sculpin in another and nothing in the third one I kept. No fin clips. The next month to 6 weeks will offer consistant lake trout jig action. If you like to catch fish (and who doesn’t?) now’s the time! We only fished for 4 hours today, and most fish came during the first and last hour. Didn’t even mark any bait – so once we do, the fishing will be insane! Stay tuned…..