Seneca Lake Shorefishing 2/1


I managed to get out for around 2 1/2 hours to do some shoreline casting and fly-casting. In hindsight, I probably should have launched my boat since the conditions weren't as windy as they were forecast to be. Of course, if I had been in my boat and the wind kicked up as forecast, I'd have been complaining and kicking myself for not shorefishing.

A couple boats were out of Watkins Glen perch fishing. They were moving around a fair amount when I stopped by the pier. I have no idea how they were doing, but oddly nobody was fishing the marina area.

Shorefishing was slow. The conditions weren't great but weren't bad either. The only action I had were two splashes/swirls by my stickbait when I was finishing my retrieve. I was wearing waders and along a shelf adjacent to a dropoff and never saw the fish despite looking in that general area at the time, so the fish had to be very small salmon in all likelihood – i.e. 13" to 15" fish.

The Rochester Boat Show was this past week (the final day is Superbowl Sunday – so it's still going as I write this.) We had a very good turnout yesterday after a slow Friday. Silver Lake Marine has some beautiful new Crestliners as well as some nice used ones (like Sportfish and Raptors.) Check out their website if you're in the market for a new boat this year. Even a 16.5' Crestliner FishHawk has a beam around 86"! So they are very stable and roomy -i.e. very comfortable boats to fish out of.