Seneca Lake/West Shore


With the temperatures finally getting above freezing over the next couple days I’ll be heading out to check on a few things. I want to fish Keuka Lake out of Branchport in search of some trophy northern pike on the fly. Keuka has coughed up some 40″+ fish over the past summer. I need to find a few of these fish! I’ll probably see if I can find a few perch too, maybe some lakers if I have time – though I probably won’t be able to do all three things very well in a short day. Thursday I’m heading to Seneca Lake to fish for perch. Lake trout and pike will be a possibility too. Fished a key (west) shore area with my buddy Eric today and we did pretty well. Actually Eric did really well. Three nice lake trout up to 29″ all on flies! I’ll have some photos soon, and some of you might be able to identify the area fished. Can’t post some of these shore areas due to private property and so forth. I caught one long but skinny pike as well. Brutal cold out there! Man do I need some good gloves; I still haven’t found anything I’m real happy with.