Seneca out of Sampson 10/20


Did a 6 hour trip today with the Hermans. It was going to be 1/2 day, but the pike started hitting so well around quitting time we kept going for another couple hours. The fishing was fairly slow to start, with a few good fish landed within the first couple hours. As clouds rolled in and the wind subsided, the bite got better and better. John and Eleonore managed to land 23 solid northerns! The swimbaits were the ticket, with 2 deep hooked fish coming on spoons. One fish was kept due to being hooked mortally. H2O is around 58. Fishing remains good in 10′ to 15′. We saw 2 other boats on the entire lake today! The fall foliage is still very compelling. The fish were in very good condition – only one or two showed signs of abrasion/fungus. Most were robust and clean. Both shores were productive today.