Seneca out of Sampson 6/5


Guided Joe and Tom this AM for the full day. Laker action was decent with 4 nice fish landed – most around 27″ to 28″+. A few fish were lost and a fair number of hits missed. We had lakers from around 27′ on out – though there were fish shallower! Large numbers of baitfish are moving in. Surface temps were 52 to 54 off Sampson.

PM: I did a trip with a different Tom (Tom A.) The weather got a little weird and we ran around checking out some different areas. We wound up back at Sampson and Tom nailed one nice laker. He then lost a BIG FISH and missed one or two more. The big fish straightened out my hook! It was a combination of a fatigued hook (having been bent before) plus too much torque on Tom’s part. But the fish was big! We had a great time and the evening turned out to be picture perfect after it appeared as though it might get nasty out.