Seneca out of Watkins 3/24


Kicked off the 2007 guiding season with Mike and his 10 year old son Bryce. They’ve fished with me a bit in the past and we headed out of Watkins in search of some salmon action. Conditions looked great to start with nice light south winds and sunshine. It didn’t last. We worked up the west shore and were able to hit one area before the wind died down and clouds rolled in. Early on we did see one (what appeared to be a) nice salmon landed by trollers. So we went lake trout jigging. Didn’t see many fish on the south west shore so we made a run north to the Severne area. We marked decent numbers of fish in 100′ to 160′ when we started, and it didn’t take long for Bryce to miss 3 fish. Fortunately the fourth one was the charm and he landed a laker around 22″ – typical wild Seneca fish. The fish was down 140′. We jigged for a couple hours without much luck. Marked a few fish but they didn’t seem active. We went south again in search of salmon, but by the time we got back down there the wind had kicked up and we decided to call it a day. The weather forecasts have been really “off” over the past week. As I write this we’re getting thunderstorms – which were not predicted at all.

Not a great day “catching wise” by any means, but I did all I could to show Mike the salmon areas and patterns on the lake. The lake is a beautiful green color right now and water temps vary from 37 to 39 degrees. Perch fishermen were out in droves around Severne Point. No word on the action. Trollers I met at the launch told me they landed 3 salmon and one brown down 110′. So apparently a lot of fish are still deep. They should move up gradually week by week as water temps rise and baitfish move in.