Skaneateles Lake 10/27


Guided Jimmy today for the full day. He absolutely LOVES to fish and brought along some fantastic tackle. He was hoping for some action and we found some today. The northern portions of the lake produced some good smallmouth action on fish around 10″ to 12″. Larger fish were active downlake and he caught a couple solid bass along with the usual smaller fish. Some nice jumbo perch found his jigs today and he also caught a large pickerel and rockbass. He insisted I fish a bit, and I did give things a try here and there. I did get very lucky (and I’m not understating this) and I caught a gorgeous 24″ rainbow after making a few casts with a tube jig in some deeper water.It was likely close to 5lbs. It won’t be long before these rainbows are fly-fishable with intermediate lines! Took a photo and released the beauty unharmed – just a remarkable fish.

Despite the”lateness” of the season, water temps remain warm after the past couple days and bass were aggressivelychasingSuperflukes. I’m sure topwater would’ve worked fine. Fish came on hard jerkbaits, soft jerkbaits, tubes and hairjigs today. Thedocks are still in and quite a few people were enjoying thebeautiful air temperatures out on the lake today. Jimdid a great job with the techniques today, which aren’t always easy.