Skaneateles Lake 10/5


Guided 6 hours with the Hermans today. We started by searching for largemouths. John hooked what was probably a very large fish (maybe even the same one we released last week!) It got off when it dove into some weeds. Eleonore landed a chunky 15″ largie. Smallmouths weren’t super cooperative but a few were landed. The most beautifully colored perch I’ve ever seen found John’s tube jig – it was 14″ long with vivid orange fins! We took some photos. Eleonore also caught a good perch. High point of the day was when John hooked what was likely a very big rainbow trout. The fish surfaced and then headed for the depths and then the line just broke. I’m guessing it was at least 4lbs or better – though we never saw it. Eleonore had one 17″ +/- rainbow follow her in from shallow water. H2O was 60 degrees. We had to search a bit for fish, but we found decent fishing anywhere from 5′ to 25′ of water. Very few boats out today and the locals are winterizing theirs and taking out their docks – it’s FISHING time for the serious angler!