Skaneateles Lake 11/10


Got out here around 9:30 am with my buddy Mike.  Only a couple boat trailers were in the parking lot when we showed up (although when we left there was a line of boats at the launch waiting to get out.)  We fished until 4 pm.  We brought along the usual assortment of hairjigs/tubejigs and perch gear.  We also had some bass tackle with us.  Fishing start out slow for us but picked up as the day went on.  The winds were light and intermittent and in some areas leaves were a major impediment to presentations.  We wound up having a fun day even though the fishing was somewhat slow.  We were able to catch some smallmouths and a lake trout.  We wound up with 25 nice perch and one rocky to take home.  We let go another 20 perch or so that were undersized.  Water temps were around 52/53 on top.  The weather forecast shows no sign of an early winter, so I expect fishing to continue to improve and the launch to stay open for a while yet.

No rainbows were in our mix today.  We had some very good conditions at times for them and in the past would almost certainly have hooked a few on a day like today.