Skaneateles Lake 11/15


Got out with Mark I. for a full day starting around 8:30. Only a few trailers were in the parking lot at the State Launch today and we saw maybe 4 boats out on the water all day. The wind was intermittent today and that hurt the middle part of our day a bit.

Mark fly-fished for most of the day and had a few hits and follows during the first half of the day, but not much to show apart from a nice perch. Later in the day the wind picked up, the sun got a bit lower and the fish cooperated. Mark wound up with 3 nice rainbows from 16″ to 18.5″ and 3 nice lakers ranging from around 19″ to 20″. Later in the day he caught some perch but not many with any size.

The lake was nice and quiet with the exception of an occasional chainsaw and the usual leaf blowers. Someday I’d love the landowners to lay off the power equipment but that’ll probably never happen! You’d think homeowner would appreciate the natural sounds of the lake, but as soon as the jet skis stop in October, they start with the weedwhackers, lawn mowers, blowers and chainsaws. And if by chance it gets really quiet, they can always rev up their yapper. Ha ha – anyways it was a great day on the lake and the rainbows were gorgeous. The usual olive buggers did the trick on an Intermediate Line. 50 to 52 degrees was the lake temp.