Skaneateles Lake 11/2


Did a short excursion with my friend’s son today. He loves fishing in the area and doesn’t get up here much, so we went despite the highs around 39 and blowing north winds. Conditions were trying – we had whitecaps and “mini-squalls” moving through on a regular basis. Sam did manage to land his biggest smallmouth bass to date, a fatty just a hair under 19″. I caught some nice perch, but overall it was tough to get a good presentation and I didn’t want to run all over the lake. Sam caught another decent bass as well, and we both missed some hits. Hairjigs and tubes are what we used. The portable restrooms were taken out as we were preparing to launch. Hopefully the docks will be kept in for awhile. We shall see. Water temps remain warm for this time of year – around 55 degrees. Lake level is low.