Skaneateles Lake 11/24


Got out for what has become an annual Thanksgiving Day pilgrimage to Skaneateles Lake. Some people like to hunt on Thanksgiving, others like to lay around, eat and watch football – I like to fish. My intents were to work some areas I’ve picked up a few perch at in the past and get more familiar with them. I’m also working some areas that have been inconsistent and I’m trying to get a better grip on them. Why aren’t they as good as my blue chip areas? When would they be?

I fumbled (football speak for the day) some good fish today. I couldn’t help but bring a fly-rod today and try for some rainbows for a couple hours. Even though I guide a lot, I’m not fishing all that much, so I do feel a bit rusty. My casting was fine, but I wasn’t quite ready for the first (rainbow) hit I got and I missed the fish. The next hit I never felt – I saw a fish jump, tried to hook it and before I knew it, the fish had ran like a steelhead upwind from my boat. I stripped in line as fast as I could but wound up losing the fish. Then I had a big rainbow follow in my bugger but not hit it.

Perch fishing was what I generally see on this lake this time of year. Scattered BIG perch, but no real concentrations of them. I was really impressed with one of the half dozen nice fish I caught and went to measure it. It wiggled and flopped out of my hand back into the water. Oh well. I then hooked a nice lake trout on a tube jig and the fish surfaced shaking its head. Next thing I know, my jig flew back and whacked me in the chest. Just one of those days.

Water temp was 48/49. Now’s rainbow trout time – whether fly-fishing or casting gear! Expect some salmon around too. The average perch I’m getting is around 12″ now with some fish pushing 14 to 15″. Nice smallmouths are still hitting – it’ll all be catch and release after 11/30.