Skaneateles Lake 11/7 + 11/8


Did full day trips yesterday and today, here’s what happened: Fishing conditions weren’t great on either day. On Saturday we had zero wind and mostly cloudy conditions. The Hermans did well on smallmouth bass, some perch and some lake trout. Water temps have come up a bit since last Monday; we had around 53 degrees. There were nice sized schools of lakers around some of the points on the lake. Most of our fishing was done in around 5′ to 30′ of water.

Today was Arti and his friend Steve. They fly-fished 95% of the time and cast tube jigs and hair jigs the other 5%. Sinking lines were deadly on lake trout, big perch and some decent smallmouth bass. Arti used a Type 5 full sink line and Steve used my Rio Deep 7 set up. Woolly buggers and leech patterns in olive worked very well. We saw a few nice rainbows around the shorelines but they were spooky. Another day with very little wind until late in the afternoon. Water temps again were around 51 to 52. A drop of 2 or 3 degrees should move trout in towards the shorelines. We’ll see!