Skaneateles Lake 11/8 + 11/9


11/8: Got out with my friend Terry from around 11:30 till dark. I brought my new SAGE fly-rod along hoping for some rainbow action but our conditions were fairly flat and sunny – which isn’t good in my book. We mainly worked tubejigs, hair jigs and perch set ups. We caught a couple lakers, smallmouth bass and a reasonable number of nice perch, along with a couple rockbass. Fairly slow fishing until the evening and then it picked up.

11/9: Guided 1/2 day trip with the Hermans for their last outing of the year. We started near where Terry and I left off. Fishing was slow to start despite the good north wind and overcast skies. We wound up with 3 lakers, a bass and a bunch of halfway decent perch. Kept most of the nicer perch and one laker. Stomach checks revealed young rock bass, young perch and the usual crayfish. Skaneateles Lake fish eat what they can find. They aren’t selective from what I’ve seen. Water temps were around 52 on top. Fish came from 10′ to 27′ FOW.