Skaneateles Lake 5/11


Guided Chad and his son Dean for a full-day trip starting at around 8:45 am.  I was pleasantly surprised to only see a few rigs parked at the State Launch on a Saturday in May.  Dean spent the entire day fly-fishing and we targeted smallmouth bass.  He worked an olive woolly bugger.  Chad spent most of the day fishing a hair jig, although I had him try a tube jig (had a hit or two) and a jerkbait as well.

Fishing started out a little slow but quickly picked up once the sun started poking through the clouds.  Smallmouths ran to 17″, although most were 12″ to 15″.  We had some rockbass, a few yellow perch including a couple of jumbos and one nice surprise, a 15.5″ landlocked salmon that we released (along with everything else today.)  Since Dean was fly-fishing with a floating line, we generally stayed in less than 10′ of water today.  We fished a lot of different parts of the lake and caught fish everywhere we went.

If you’re looking for a boat, check out Tony’s Ranger in the articles section!  I had one person ask “what’s wrong with it?”  NOTHING!!!  This is an amazing deal.  It’d be like buying a low mileage Toyota Tundra for 15K.

Chad with the first decent smallmouth of the day

Dean hooked up on the fly-rod

Dean with one

Dean on again!

Dean with another decent fly-rod fish

Silver! Wow, there are still a few salmon in Skaneateles Lake!

Fly-Rod Yellow Perch

Chad with another nice perch