Skaneateles Lake 5/18


Guided a full day with Gordon, who has been doing a trip every year for quite some time, around early to mid-May to celebrate his birthday.  His preferred method is fly fishing, but he’s always been up for using some gear if conditions demand it.  We had a very solid day of fishing here today.  Water temperatures ranged from the low 40s to the mid 50s depending on where you were.

Smallmouth bass were the best bite today and Gordon landed around a dozen on fly-tackle and another 1/2 dozen on gear.  Fish ran from 11″ up to around 16″.  They were abundant throughout the lake.   The good news (at least compared to what I’d been seeing out here) was that Gordon landed two nice rainbows on flies today!  Both were post-spawn fish.  His best one was a 22.5″ beauty.  They both fought great.  He also landed some perch, a rock bass and a small (16″) lake trout.  The laker came on gear.  Perch were post spawn.  Boat traffic was light today.   Lake level remains good.  We didn’t encounter any walleyes, though very little of what Gordon did today typically would’ve yielded any ‘eyes.

Nothing's quite like fly-fishing Skaneateles Lake!

I almost think I’m going to see a shark swim by or a couple bonefish along with some ‘cuda and crabs!  This lake has a color like the Caribbean!

Smaller of the two rainbows - it still fought good!

22.5" Rainbow - another post-spawn fish

16" lake trout - small but beautiful and wild