Skaneateles Lake 5/28


Guided 6 hours with Jim aka “Rusty”. We targeted smallmouths and he had a riot with plenty of 15″ to 17″ and even 18″ fish. They were very active in water from shallow to around 12′ deep. Tube jigs did the trick. A couple big perch were also taken, but the highlight of the trip was a rare nearly 23″ Skaneateles brown trout!!! This fish hit a tube jig and we took a few photos and quickly released this wild (in all likelihood) brownie. Rusty might be one of the quickest learners I’ve ever seen. He picked up the jigging technique very quickly, and I showed him a few fly-casting tips and he got those down in a hurry as well! He’s fished the lake many times, but today he tried some new areas. Water temps were around 48 degrees. We didn’t see any rainbows or salmon. We did see a few carp and a laker cruise by. Air temps were cold and we were the only boat on the lake for awhile – or so it seemed!