Skaneateles Lake 5/29


Guided a full day with Vince starting around 6 am. He’s renting a place on the lake with his wife. He’s passionate about fly-fishing and just took up the sport a few years back. I got him set up and we went searching for bass. A few casting tips got his casting into very good shape in short order – I was impressed. He had some very good action with plenty of bass looking and some grabbing his deer hair popper/slider on top. We had very good topwater action throughout the day with some sizeable bass chasing, bumping and hitting flies. It was a good day to be fishing with the impending heavy T-Storms and dropping barometer. Hooking the fish hitting the topwater flies turned out to be the main challenge and it was fun watching the excitement.

I had him take breaks by casting some gear – namely tubes and flukes (though topwater would’ve been great.) He picked up a few bass, rockbass and perch. Water temps were in the low 60s. Only a few boats were out. All in all, a very fun day with great fishing, fair catching and a lot of learning.