Skaneateles Lake 6/10 midday


Guided Gustavo and his buddy Cisco (hope I spelled that right) for 1/2 day trip starting around 9:30 am. The original plan was to jig lakers on Cayuga, but I was concerned about excessive runoff from some heavy downpours and thunderstorms making the lake muddy. Turns out Cayuga wound up being very hot fishing this AM, but I felt “better safe than sorry” (especially after a skunking we had a month ago with muddy conditions on Cayuga that spoiled a previously hot bite.)

Gustavo hadn’t really done much fishing at all, so it was all new to him. Both guys caught fish but I was glad to see him do well. We started with laker jigging, which I rarely do on this lake in the summer (due to the better fishing elsewhere) and the guys managed some grabs and 3 fish landed, of which one was a scrawny 15″er. The other two were nicer – up to around 22″ or so and were kept for dinner. Smallmouth fishing was good in shallow water with the usual tubes. Water temps are in the low 60s on the surface in areas. Plenty of rockbass were around and we kept a couple of those as well. Very few boats were out and it was clear that the heavy rains of the last couple days raised the surface temps and water level. The lake’s usual clarity was a little bit off around the State Launch, but further down the lake it was crystal clear water as usual. We had a lot of fun today and got off the lake and wrapped up just in time to miss a very heavy downpour.