Skaneateles Lake 6/11


Guided Jeff K for the full-day today. In a nutshell, the fishing for smallmouth bass and plenty of big rockbass is very good. Tube jigs, superflukes, topwater etc… – you name it and it’ll probably work. Fish are all over the perimeter of the lake on both sides, likely from end to end. We saw some very nice landlocked salmon and/or rainbow trout cruising around today. I expect good fishing during the drake hatch, though I’m not sure if I’ll make it down to fish it given my guiding schedule. Plenty of small sublegal freshly stocked trout were cruising around lake-wide. It’s clear to see that trout thrive in Skaneateles Lake. Jeff caught plenty of bass and rockbass. He also landed 3 or 4 big (13″ to 14″+) perch. Surface temps ranged from around 60 to 64 today. Downright gorgeous day!