Skaneateles Lake 6/22 + Seneca/Geneva 6/23


Skinny 6/22: Got out for some fishing with my girlfriend Beth and her son Sam. I showed them the Skaneateles “tour” and we chucked some tube jigs and flukes for bass. The most active smallies we could find were smaller fish and we did well on them as well as rock bass. FWIW, the rock bass are really back heavily on Skaneateles Lake. They are ubiquitous. Sam had a lot of fun and did great once he dialed in the technique. Beth caught the nicest bass, so it was a neat day. Smallmouths are always a blast to catch and I enjoyed it immensely. Very few boats were out.

Seneca 6/23: We didn’t motivate early, which probably hurt us on Seneca, but it was fine. Gorgeous, hot day on the lake. Laker action was tough for us when we started around 9 am. Fish weren’t grabbing good, but as usual there were plenty of them around. Sam lost two big lakers near the boat by over-torquing them. He’s 13 years old and used to pulling stripers in on party boats. He landed one around 20″ and was impressed by the overall fight of the lakers. I had a nice salmon follow me in, but fishing was pretty slow and we needed to grab a bite to eat, so we decided to bag on the evening fishing, vying to go to a bass pond instead.

I’m noticed lakers getting into a summer pattern – hot early AM fishing (very early) and a decent evening bite with oftentimes slow fishing in between. Moon phase and weather alter this pattern, but it’s pretty typical. The hot all-day laker fishing with AM/PM peaks has subdued a bit!