Skaneateles Lake 7/11


Guided Scott for the full day starting around 6:45; his father Dick joined us about halfway through the trip. Over the last couple years Scott has joined me for a few trips a season during his vacation. He’s always up for trying some new stuff and it paid off big time a couple years ago with the best day of brown trout jigging recorded thus far on my boat. This time, we kept things “closer to the vest” with a couple trips on his home lake of Skaneateles Lake for bass and a few pickerel and one successful Cayuga trip. His youthful enthusiasm for fishing is contagious and inspiring and he “ain’t no kid!”

Fishing was slow for us to start but Scott nailed one 15″ smallmouth on a dropshot. Conditions changed a bit and the bass activated shallow. Fishing was good with Dick and Scott landing over a dozen smallies. Quite a few were legal, but there was the usual handful of “Skaneateles dinks” in the mix. A few good rock bass and even some perch, including a 13″er made it aboard. Tube jigs and the dropshot rigs were the best producers. We caught fish from 5′ to around 27′ FOW. Surface temps are very warm, around 76 degrees. Boat traffic was light.