Skaneateles Lake 7/14


Got out for 2/3rds of a day with Fred from DC. Smallmouth bass fishing was quite good – not as great as last month, but still for numbers and overall “ease of catching” some of the better bassin’ in the FL region. Fred nailed at least a 1/2 dozen nice fish in the 14″ to 17″ range along with quite a few smaller bass. High point of the morning was watching Fred play a fish while a “black vortex of bass” (a nice school of 17″ to 20″+ fish) hung tight with the hooked fish! Around 10′ to 17′ of water produced most of the fish and the only requisite lure was a tube jig. H2O was 66 degrees. While Fred fished I occasionally tossed out a drop shot rig and a jerkbait with no great shakes result-wise.