Skaneateles Lake 7/5


Guided Scott and his son Joe for around 6 hours. They wanted a crack at some largemouths and pickerel on their home lake. I picked them up at their cottage just after 6 am and we headed south. The south end of the lake has some nice weeds and provided some decent action for pickerel to 21″ and largemouth bass up to around 16″. Lipless cranks and spinnerbaits worked well. Plenty of rockbass and perch kept everyone alert. I don’t necessarily recommend Skaneateles Lake as a destination for pickerel and largemouths, even though the lake does hold a few monster largemouths (and pickerel,) but the south end is certainly worth trying if already in the area.

We finished up the day with about an hour of smallmouth fishing. Joe managed his biggest Skaneateles Lake smallie – a 19″ beast that hit a tube in around 17′ to 22′ feet of water. Another bass just as big, if not bigger followed it up! Water temps were around 72 degrees. Boat traffic wasn’t bad, though was reportedly brutal over the holiday.