Skaneateles Lake 8/1 AM


Guided Amelia and Eric for a 1/2 day starting at 7 am. They’ve more or less just started getting into fishing and were out with me (separately) over the past week and managed to get into some bass and rockbass. We tried to jig up a few lakers today and it was slow going. Amelia wound up landing her first laker – a 15.5″ fish. A couple other hits were had, but nothing much. We wound up the day with some bass fishing and Amelia managed to land and release a 21″ beauty!!! Biggest smallmouth from this lake I’ve seen! So congrats go out to her. It came in around 25′ to 30′ FOW dropshotting. Great catch! Water temp on top was around 71. Thermocline was down around 65′ to 85′.