Skaneateles Lake 8/23


Guided Leo and Ada for a full day “catch ’em and eat ’em” mission today. I usually have them dropshot for the most part then occasionally work some other tactics. The main targets are large rockbass and they usually get their share of smallmouths too, some which are kept. Fish were deep today – we had our best rockbass dropshotting in 30′ to 55′ of water. Smallmouth were tentative with the cold front but they managed to land around 15, ten of which were above legal size. No large fish today. Rock bass provided superb action (and will provide superb tablefare) with probably 100 fish landed. Around 40 were kept, many of them 10″ers. A few perch were also landed. Hard to believe this is only the second or third time I’ve been on the lake this year! I used to guide here 15 to 20+ days a year on average and fish it another 4 or 5. I’ll be back here in the fall as usual and perhaps sooner. Hard to want to go here for smallmouths with such large fish available around Lake Ontario with just a slightly longer drive from Lansing. I do love the rainbow/salmon fly-fishing here and catching large perch. I also want to see how catchable the walleyes are here during the day in the fall/winter.