Skaneateles Lake 8/24


Guided the Hermans today for around 6 hours. Spent most of the day dropshotting smallmouth bass. The fishing was very good, with a dozen solid (legal) bass landed to over 18″ and a couple dinks thrown in. Add in another couple dozen rockbass and things add up to a lot of action.

Berkley Gulp minnows, Lunker City Ribsters and Ozmos all worked great. We had a couple doubles as well. Best action was from around 27′ to 35′ FOW, though early on we had a couple fish shallow.

The boatlaunch was a nuthouse by 1pm with the usual crazy, inconsiderate, haphazardparking. The countless shards of broken trailer lights and light covers in the parking lot (as usual) show the damage that occurs daily in this overfilled lot. Some peopleapparently feel entitled to launch here whether there’s space or not. I strongly suggest either getting here early (like we did) or just launching at Mandana, which is more or less free during the week. AfterLabor day things will get much better by the week. Water temp is 73 on top.