Skaneateles Lake 9/16 AM


Guided Ori and Ido from Israel today. They like to fish but don’t get the chance to do a whole lot. Today was a learning day. AM fishing was fair and action kept improving as the day went on, with the wind dying down and clouds rolling in.

They wound up having plenty of action on rock bass dropshotting in deep water, of course that’s a no-brainer on this lake. The best smallmouth action was shallow and tube jigs did the trick. They landed over a half dozen with a smattering of legal fish in the mix. We’ve been keeping a fair number of bass and rock bass out of this lake this year and they have one thing in common – they are stuffed with crawfish. Ori landed a nice 12″ perch today. First we’ve had in a long time despite dropshotting routinely in upwards of 40’to 50′ FOW. H2O was around 68.

I feel people should harvest a lot more rockbass on this lake. They are ridiculously abundant and good eating. An electric knife makes short work of them. They do compete directly with smallmouths and other species for crayfish. Tasty fish when seasoned and sauteed in butter!