Skaneateles Lake 9/18


Did a full day trip with Rogerio from Brazil! What a fun day – he brought a BPS 370 tackle box along that was packed full of expensive Japanese lures, like Lucky Craft, Mega-bass, Yamamoto hardbaits and on and on. These baits often retail for $15 to $25. I even had a chance to watch a $60 swimbait “perform!”

I don’t have $20 to spend on a topwater lure or a stickbait, but I was very impressed with the action of many of these lures – especially the topwater baits. They “walk the dog” like a supertuned Zara – unbelievable!  I tried like heck to find some active topwater fish for Rogerio and we found some, but they were mostly 10″ fish, with one or two bigger ones thrown in. It was fun watching the bass engulf the “quality lures.”

I was able to find some better fish here and there, and dropshotting and tube jigs produced a few decent smallies. One exciting part of the day was watching a big pickerel chase a hooked smallie!  That’s the first time I’d seen that happen on Skinny. Very low boat traffic today. Surface temps were around 68. Rogerio didn’t throw the tube jig much, but it seemed to be the ticket. So was deep water. Some rockbass also found our dropshot rig.