Skaneateles Lake 9/21 PM


Rode over to Skaneateles Lake yesterday for some afternoon fishing.  I have a guided trip scheduled there soon and hadn’t been on the lake in a while.  I used to guide the lake fairly frequently from April through November.  Back in the mid-2000s I did around 15 to 25 guided trips or so a year on this lake, plus I’d fish it a handful of times on my own.  Lately it’s been more like three to ten guided trips a year.  With the rainbow trout population and subsequent fly-fishing both tapering off a bit, I don’t guide here a whole lot anymore.  Parking regulations make it tougher for clients to meet up at the State Launch.   It’s also a zoo at that launch in the summer.  I still do love fishing and guiding the lake.  My favorite times of year to fish it are in April and May and again in October and November.  Fishing is great here during the summer, but spring and fall fishing here is much less crowded.  These days I have plenty of demand for lake trout trips on Cayuga Lake and those keep my summer schedule filled up.

I did a bunch of different things here today.  I wanted some fish for a couple fish dinners so I did a fair amount of drop-shotting for rock bass.  I was hoping for some smallmouths out deep as well, but didn’t get any.  I landed around a half-dozen 10″+ rock bass, each averaging about 3/4s of a pound.  I threw back a bunch of smaller ones.  I must hand it to Bill Alexander and his “XStended Life Baits” – I’ve had the same drop shot Ned/Senko type worm on my hook since Seneca Lake a month ago!  I’ve caught rockbass after rockbass on that thing and they haven’t been able to destroy it or tear it off the hook!  Anyways, I tried a few things and areas for walleyes without luck although I did catch a large perch in deep water.  I was able to find a good smallmouth bass pattern too, although I stumbled upon it a bit late in the day.  Water temperatures ran from 71 to 74 degrees.  Water level is good.  Boat traffic was light, although the launch was around 1/2 full.