Skaneateles Lake 9/22


Guided David and Ryan for the full-day starting at 6:30 am. Shallow water is still producing some fish, but the vast majority of smallmouth bass continue to hold in 15′ to 32′ of water. We had a lot of fun today. David latched onto a big carp up shallow that inhaled his tube jig! We had to chase the fish with the boat before it ran under a dock and broke off. What a fight! Tubes produced at least a half dozen nice smallmouths for us, drop shots a ton more. The guys hammered smallies, landing around 25 or so up to around 17″, with the majority from 12″ to 14″. Rockbass and perch were in the mix too. Very few boats were out on the lake and it was exceptionally tranquil out there. No lawn mowers, weed whackers, crazy dogs, chain saws, construction equipment, jet skis, pleasure boats, loud people or anything – just sheer peace! That’s what fall fishing is all about – great fishing, great scenery and peace and quiet! Water temps were around 65 today. Trollers reported getting rainbows in “the middle of the lake” down around 30′. Gulp minnows did the trick drop-shotting.