Skaneateles Lake 9/3


Had a fun 1/2 day starting around 6:30 am with Andy and Julie. Neither one had fished in likely decades (and they hadn’t fished much back then either,) so I was happy to see both of them get their casting down and get into some very good smallmouth bass action. Tube jigs did the trick on fish averaging 13″ to 15″. They probably landed 14 to 15 legal fish. A pumpkinseed and a couple rockbass were in the mix.

After dropping them off I fished another 4 hours or so on my own working different areas with different techniques. It felt pretty fun to actually go fishing! It’d been a while…. I caught a very nice fish (17 1/2″ dark and chunky) on some Berkely Gulp fished on a jig head. Fish also attacked white superflukes. After my shallow to midrange bite slowed I went deeper – doing some dropshotting like my friend Craig Nels likes to do. I worked some flats along dropoffs concentrating on 25′ to 40′ of water. The rockbass were hitting great – I also caught some perch and a handful of nice smallmouths. Fishing remains very good on this lake and will only get better. Parking wasn’t a problem today and shouldn’t be one after the holiday weekend!