Sodus Bay 7/20


Guided Chrissy and Mark for an afternoon of gar fishing. They are fans of some of the fishing shows where offbeat species are targeted in offbeat places. There’s a world of fun fishing out there and people around the world are catching on. Watch fishing shows two decades ago and you’d think the only species around was largemouth bass! I won’t go into some of the anglers on those shows…

Things went great from the get-go. We currently have a great weather pattern for fishing and I knew it could be a good day. After a little searching we found the gar and at times two fish were chasing at a time. Both Chrissy and Mark had a lot of fun landing around 7 to 8 fish in short order on some rope-lures. Then, as is usually the case, the gar just stopped hitting. Mark kept one to try on the table. I’ll await his report. Gar are eaten a lot in the south and I know of people who’ve eaten them, so I’m sure they’ll taste fine.

We had about an hour or so left in the trip, so we gave the bass a try. We had some very good bass action in a short period using Senkos. Mark landed 2 really nice Sodus largemouths – 16″ to 17″ers as well as a smaller one or two. The pans were around, along with carp and everything was active. Mid-week gives fish time to recoup from tournament pressure and the weather pattern likely put the bass in a positive fishing mode. Sodus Bay has thousands of bass so it can be a tough place to beat. Water temps were in the low 80s. Very little boat traffic (!) Great day on the water….