Sodus Bay 7/30 midday


Got out here for a scheduled full day with Mark I. looking to target gar on the fly.  The last time we were out here was two years ago and we weren’t able to find any gar until the end of the trip.  This time we didn’t manage to find any at all.   Not even a straggler. We spent a good 90 minutes cruising around looking for rising fish.  I also checked my depthfinder.  No sign of them.  I’m sure they are around somewhere and usually late-July and August right into early September is good here.

We took a ride out onto Lake Ontario and tried some jigging.  Mark had a couple steelhead (what appeared to be steelies from their position in the water column) chase his jigs hard but they didn’t grab them.  We marked fair numbers of fish in various areas and a little bit of bait.  I also marked few fish that were likely Kings.  Unfortunately the lake really kicked up after a couple hours and we decided to head back into the bay.  We had solid NW winds with 2′ to 3′ waves.  Of course the marine forecast called for under one footers but on paper that didn’t make any sense, given the wind forecast and direction.  We then tried searching the bay again for gar without any sign of them and called it a 6 hour day rather than beat our brains in trying to find fish.  I talked to a boater that had been out trolling and they had a decent day out there landing a couple Kings and a steelhead as well as dropping some fish.  Bay temps were around 81.  The lake was at 77.  Gorgeous day out on the water even though our gar didn’t cooperate.