Sodus Bay 9/1


Did a full day with Mark and Charlie “going for gar” on the fly-rods. This was as late (in the season) a gar trip as I’ve ever done and it went pretty well. Tons of fish were “breaking” in the morning as we set up around 8:15 am. Mark nailed the first one at 9:30. The bite never really got going great, but it had its moments. Most of our fish came from 15′ to 22′ of water, down around 10′. I’ve learned a lot about gar over the past couple years and continue to learn. We wound up with 7 or 8 fish landed up to around 37″. It was a fun day with spirited discussions about lots of stuff. Now it’s time to get ready for Champlain!

One of the high points of the day was when Charlie noticed a large bald eagle flying overhead. What a majestic bird! I’d only seen juveniles in the wild before in Alaska.