Sodus Bay/Lake Ontario Wed. 7/13


Checked out Sodus Bay looking for bass and gar. The bad news was on the “gar front” – a lot of the terrific weedbeds appear to have been chemically “removed”. I never liked the mechanical weed harvesters, but they are much better than applying chemicals! Never saw a gar, though we didn’t search the whole bay.

Bass fishing was pretty good given that we started around 1pm. We picked up a few decent 2lb+/- fish pitching jigs around weedclumps and off weedlines. Lots of panfish around too.

Checked out Lake Ontario and picked up some smallmouths and rockbass. We didn’t really do the lake justice as we got out so late, but I get the feeling that the bass fishing is good out there. Lastly we tried some vertical probing around with our trout/salmon jigs out in the depths and had a few encouraging signs out there. No hookups, butwe marked a few fish checking out our jigs….