Time to go fishing!


I can’t believe all the panic around coronavirus.  In a few weeks people are going to realize that this isn’t likely to be a big deal and will come to their senses and relax and get back to their routines.

I copied this from Daily Wire:

Jerri Jorgensen, who contracted the coronavirus while on a cruise ship but has since recovered, says hysteria surrounding the virus has “gotten out of control.”
“My case was I had a slight fever the night before they took me off the cruise ship — very slight, it wasn’t even 100 degrees,” Jorgensen told “Fox & Friends.” “Felt a little bit off for about two to three hours and that was my only symptom throughout the whole time — the whole quarantine up to now.”

Cornell is sending students home and will be doing online classrooms.  Students have been mobbing area grocery stores and stocking up on food and other items.  This isn’t WWII.  Anyways maybe I’m wrong but I doubt it.

My semester is now done – thanks to the proactive measures Cornell is taking to prevent the quick spread of the virus, so I now have complete open availability for the rest of March and April.  Fishing has been good to very good.  I’ll be doing a lot of fishing on my own if I don’t book up, so it will be a great spring vacation.

Pike/Pickerel/Walleye/Tiger Musky:  These seasons close on Sunday at midnight and as I’ve said many times before, it is illegal to target those fish during their closed season, even for catch and release.

Landlocked salmon fishing is available on Cayuga, Seneca and Skaneateles Lake.  It has ranged from good to excellent on all those lakes.  Plenty of bonus fish are available on Skaneateles Lake with jumbo perch, rainbow trout, lake trout and smallmouth bass available.

Lake Trout fishing and a lot of people’s favorite – the DEEP jigging should be in full swing.  Landlocked salmon are a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s good to feel a lot of weight on the end of your line.  Lakers fill the bill.  We catch some of our biggest lakers of the season in April and early May.