Canandaigua Lake 10/6


I’m really “attacking” this lake this fall. It’s been great. After fishing I get to stop at a Panera Bread or Mac’s Cheesesteaks and stuff my face! Today I worked another “alien area” as well as one of the spots I found Friday. Fishing was decent – not great, but certainly not bad; I had to work hard for my fish but it paid off. I landed 4 nice smallmouths including two that were in the 18″ range and pretty fat. I also caught 3 nice largemouths. Rounding out the day’s catch were some rockbass, a few 9″ perch and a pickerel. The highpoint of the day was casting my X-rap, getting hammered by a good (18″) bass and watching another smallmouth in the same size range trying to steal the X-rap from the other bass! It made my day. My Friday spot fished well on today’s northerly (as it did on Friday’s westerly). A couple smallies and a largemouth came off that area. Top tactics today included cranking a perch colored Big-O and a Rapala DT-10; jerking a white X-rap and popping an alewife-colored tube jig. Water temps are at 62 degrees and colder on the north end. Fishing pressure was incredibly light – just a few perch guys out in the AM.