Come experience the best fishing the Finger Lakes have to offer!  

On the bigger lakes like Seneca and Cayuga fishing is about 2 weeks behind what I would call "normal" over the past 10 to 15 years or so.  Water temps are in the low 50s in the main lake areas with upper 40s not far below the surface.  Salmon and browns are still inshore and in casting range in a lot of areas.  It's been a prime year for the nearshore trout/salmon fanatics!

Open days in May: 28th - 29th.

Open dates in June:  1st, 19 - 23rd, 26 - 30th.

Open dates in July:  1st, 3rd - 4th, 8th, 9 - 16th, 18 - 19th, 23rd, 26 - 28th, 30th. 

Cayuga Lake:  Lake trout jigging is very good to excellent with large fish (27" range) common.  Salmon are scattered all over the lake along with brown trout;  I think we'll see fair to good casting for them for a couple more weeks but it's a bit more hit/miss.  Pickerel and perch are hitting well on the north end of the lake.

Owasco Lake:  Lake trout fishing should be good here. Perch fishing is very good. I expect good pike and rainbow trout fishing here this year.  Work is currently being done near the launches at Emerson Park.  At least one ramp is open from what I heard but it is a mess up there.  The Marina at the south end would probably be a better place to launch.

Skaneateles Lake:  Overall fishing here remains in peak form. Water temperatures are conducive to trout, salmon, bass and perch all being in the nearshore mix.  Lake level is high.

Seneca Lake:  Fishing is fair to good for landlocked salmon and brown trout.  Lake trout jigging continues to be slow.  Expect fair to good pike action here.

Keuka Lake:  Lake trout fishing is fair to good here.

Otisco Lake:  Tiger musky fishing here was very good last week.  Bass action should be top-notch as well. 

I am in the process of updating/upgrading a lot of my fly-fishing equipment, so that means I have some stuff available for sale.  Here's what I have:

DIAMONDBACK DIAMONDFLY:  This is a 9' 6 weight rod that I received direct from Cortland as a warranty replacement for a Diamondback Backwater Rod that I broke. It is in mint/brand new condition with a rod tube.  Gorgeous rod.  Medium/fast action. They retail for just under $300.  To me they feel/fish more like a $200 rod - so that's my asking price:  $200.   

Need laker jigheads? Bill has a couple styles of DEEP jigging heads as well as his usual assortment of great hair jigs and various heads and other lures!

Gift Certificates are available at any time for any occasion! Contact information is below: