Canandaigua Lake 7/19 out of Woodville


Guided Eric for the full day today. He’s joined me on several occasions, both laker jigging and bass fishing. The priority today was lakers and we met at 6 am. I knew we might be in for some good laker fishing when I “saw” several lakers chase my temp probe at the south end of the lake! Why worry about plastic lure color and type? 😉 Eric nailed a couple nice lakers in short order (one on the first drop.) We tried a few different areas and found a hotspot or two. After keeping what he wanted for food we went searching for smallmouth bass. Lakers ranged from 75′ to 115′ of water.

Smallmouth bass fishing was disappointing for us in the southern 1/3 rd of the lake. Most expert smallmouth fishermen I know like the N. end of the lake this time of year, but we wanted to see what we could do further south, closer to where Eric’s cottage rental was. The rock bass were ubiquitous. We just couldn’t “call up” smallies apart from a few smaller ones further N.

We finished up with lakers again before quitting and the bite was very good in the afternoon as storms approached. We let go another fish. We marked some bait on the south end of the lake, but as usual not much in other areas. The weather was great – esp. when looking at the original forecast of T-storms, rain and basic misery! Next to nobody was out on the lake – and for Canandaigua in the mid-summer, that’s amazing! Lakers ran to around 25″ (two of them.)