Canandaigua Lake 9/22


Had a tough day on Canandaigua with Burr. I don’t consider myself a “Canandaigua Guide,” but Burr has fished with me a bit over the past 2 seasons and he wanted to give it a try. I felt we had a good chance at some lake trout and bass. It wasn’t to be. Action started out very promising at 7:30 am. I had Burr working some nice marks in 50′ to 75′ of water. He missed a few good hits on a spoon and we did have a couple (lakers?) chasing flukes but we just couldn’t get a good hookup apart from a small perch.

We worked down the lake and finally wound up at the south end. There was plenty of bait on the east shore and I marked a decent amount of fish on both shores. Again, one or two fish showed interest, but nothing doing. In the weeds Burr picked up a small pickerel and smallmouth casting a spinnerbait and dropshotting respectively. The wind picked up and sun had disappeared. This didn’t help us. H2O surface temps are around 63. We finished up at the north end. A few mildly interested fish and a hit or two, but that was it. Tough day. I talked to a couple anglers who caught lakers over the past week. 70′ to 120′ was good. We were in the right areas but they just weren’t grabbing aggressively.