Cayuga 9/10 + 9/11 Seneca 9/10


Did a couple guide trips over the weekend at Cayuga Lake. The lake trout fishing remains very good to excellent on Cayuga within a few miles north and south of Taughannock State Park. Fish are anywhere from 65′ to 110′ and deeper, though our best action was around 75′ to 90′. Good numbers of fish were landed on both trips and the biggest were topping out around 30″ and 10lbs. or so. H20 temps on Cayuga (surface) are at 71. The lakers will probably be spawning shortly and the shore fishing at the park will be good for those using 1 oz. slip sinker rigs and floating egg sacks.

I fished Seneca just because I hadn’t been on it in awhile and I wasn’t entered in the Cayuga/Barney’s Derby. No need to luck into a big fish and not be in the derby! 😉 I hooked a few lakers but didn’t land any. I did a pretty thorough search on my electronics from Sampson across the lake and south to Severne Point – across to Lodi and back up to Sampson. Saw a few scattered marks here and there and a fair amount of vertical bait schools. Sure, there are probably 1000s of fish in that stretch, but I couldn’t find any concentrations in almost 3 hours of cruising around. My hunch on Seneca is that many of the fish have migrated south – just like they have on Cayuga. I’ll try to get back there this week and test my theory out! The little action I did have was off Sampson and just south of Long Point. The fish felt small and were in around 80′ of water. Surface temps at Seneca were 69/70.