Cayuga AM + Owasco PM 8/28


Guided Harry and Mike from New Jersey at Taughannock starting at 6:15 am. The morning fishing started out very slowly, with both guys missing some decent bites. Harry just didn’t look like he’d get things together first thing. Lifting the rod up too much and not feeling the jig – I was wondering how things would pan out. Mike had the fishing experience. We worked both shores of the lake without much action. We finally wound up in the Taughannock area when Harry hooked up with a nice laker! Got rid of the skunk around 10 am or so. The guys just never gave up. We did another drift and Harry hooked another fish. This time it was a nice 23″ brown! Mike dropped two nice fish then Harry hooked up again! This fish kept running just below the surface and I knew it wasn’t a laker. After a terrific battle he wound up with a 26″+ fat male brown trout! All fish hit plastics. What a turnaround! Harry just really put things together before my eyes. I felt I had to get Mike into a fish so we persevered a bit. He dropped a bunch of fish before finally landing a nice laker. We had a riot on board joking about a lot of stuff. Great trip and things weren’t looking good to start, which made it that much better.

After the trip I compared notes with my friend Alec at the launch ( and I was off to Bass Pro Shops then down to Owasco to meet up with Dennis for our 3:30pm trip.

Owasco has been the sleeping giant lately. The northern portions have been loaded with fish but the fishing has been very on and off. I hadn’t been there in 3 weeks so I was really looking forward to this trip, despite being dead-tired. We started off working shallow water and I was very surprised when Dennis connected with a nice laker in around 53′ of water on a spoon. Fishing was good to excellent and we worked out deeper and deeper. Dennis had a short-lived excellent window of action in 75′ to 80′ for about a half hour. He nailed a few nice fish in a row on the good old white flukes. Fishing slowed as the sun started to set. There was plenty of bait around and the fish are feeding heavily. Very good fishing and it should only get better by the day! Water temps were very warm up top down to 45′ or so. Very warm.