Cayuga/Dean’s 6/30 – 7/2


Lake trout fishing is in full-swing on Cayuga Lake. Day to day weather conditions are still affecting the bite, but overall fishing is good to excellent. Sat. the 30th was a full day with Dean and his brother Scott. They had a stellar day with me last year on Owasco Lake and we knew we probably wouldn’t top it on Cayuga, but fishing was still very good. The guys landed 9 nice lakers, mostly 25″ to 27″ fish with a couple outside of that size range. All but two fish came in the first 3 hours or so of the day (we started at 7 am.) Scott’s a professional beer brewer (as a side job) and hooked me up with a nice variety of brews.

On July 1st. Nick and his nephew Nick joined me for a full-day starting at 6:30am. Starting early was a good call and the guys got into fish in short order. The older Nick had the upper hand and managed to land 7 nice fish. Young Nick landed a couple but got the day’s lunker – a fish around 29″. Again, fishing was best in the morning. The wind came up fairly good and we persevered without much to show for it.

Today was a scheduled full day with Tim and his wife Vangie. We wound up ending the trip fishless after around 5 1/2 hours mainly due to the heavy winds. We started at 7 am and the lake looked pretty good. We had some action on the fishfinder along with a few hits, but couldn’t connect. It was clear to us that the fish weren’t aggressive. We changed up tactics, colors and lures without luck. We also worked a few different regions of the lake, but the wind made boat control very difficult. I blame our poor fishing on the continued cold front (this is the 3rd. day.) Bait was scattered and fish were inactive. The wind and weather is changing tonight and I fully expect fishing to improve substantially tomorrow. We shall see….

Most of the fish we contacted over the past 3 days were in 45′ to 75′ of water. There are decent numbers of trout, including rainbows and some landlocked salmon from around 30′ and out. On all 3 days we had follows from salmonids that weren’t lakers. The best advice I can give anyone during these cold fronts is to either go early or late. Midday fishing should pickup with the low pressure/warm front system moving in tonight and tomorrow.