Cayuga Dean’s Wed. 6/28


I was cautiously optimistic as I drove up Rt. 89 today. We’d been spared much of the rain, by sheer luck or perhaps the area topography. The Dean’s Cove area looks excellent – the only debris I saw blew in a bit later. I started around 1:15 and within 5 minutes I had a laker! Fish are still all over and aggressive – even in midday! I landed one other fish then checked out a few other areas – all of which held fish. Bait is still all over the place as well. Water temps are warming and the two lakers I landed fought a little more lethargically than the fish were fighting earlier in the week. Could be sheer coincidence as well. We’ll see.

I spend the last 4 hours of my day trying out a couple new custom rods I just got, fishing a “chatterbait” ,bass fishing and just motoring around the east shore. I spooked a handful of smallmouths on beds and saw a couple lethargic post spawn largemouths. I couldn’t get excited about chasing spawners, so I kept moving. Water temps are approaching 80 now, since the rains warmed things up. Nothing great to report bass-wise. The heat index/humidity was oppressive and T-storms started forming so I decided to call it a day around 6:30pm.