Cayuga Lake 5/15 + 5/16


Had some very good to excellent lake trout fishing over the past couple days. On Sunday I managed to get my tournament partner’s 2 kids into nice lake trout simultaneously! A 6 and 7 year old each with lakers on the line from 25″ to 27″. It was a lot of fun to watch and I’m sure these kids will be hooked on fishing forever. Lakers were swarming the northern portion of Cayuga Lake due mainly to the warm water pushing into the depths. We caught fish in relatively shallow water – 35′ or so. Today the fish pushed out a bit deeper – upwards of 60′. This fishing is really just getting underway as the weather is still cool. Alewives really haven’t moved up in many of the lake areas yet, though I’m getting some reports of large numbers of sawbellies seen around Long Point and at the very North end of Cayuga. Stay tuned, this fishing is going to get intense soon 🙂 Can’t wait!