Cayuga Lake 6/29 + 6/30


6/29: Fished out of Dean’s Cove looking for bass this morning. We worked south of Long Point and only picked up one smallmouth. Had a drum follow in a spinnerbait which was interesting. Lots of perch around. Many bass don’t appear to have migrated down this far yet. Cornell studies back in the 1950s showed that there are some localized smallmouth populations around places like Taughannock and Sheldrake, but the majority of the lake’s fish migrate north to spawn in the spring and after spawning disperse south.

We found some terrific looking lake trout shelves and took an hour and a half break to do some jigging. Nailed 2 decent fish in short order and missed others. On our way north we found a big school of small to medium sized gar. Had some fun with those for a couple hours. Blazing heat out there!

I field tested my new Quantum PT Edition Flipping stick around Farley’s on the weed edges. No great edges yet and I expected most bass to be up shallow, but the rod worked great on the couple pickerel I caught. We went across the lake and had some very good bass action. My buddy nailed a 20″ largemouth, a 16″ lmb. and a 17″ smallie. They came on a crankbait, spinnerbait and buzzbait respectively. 8′ to 12′ of water. I got 2 good largemouths on white superflukes.

Back to lakers in the evening and we found a lot of them scattered just north of Dean’s towards the Silos in 35′ to 50′ of water. Great, but long day on the water!

6/30: Got out of Taughannock for about an hour and a half of laker jigging. Got one and lost one. Had a few other hits. Didn’t see a lot of bait, but it has to be around somewhere. Nice to hit some different areas!