Cayuga Lake/Cayuga State Park 4/18


I’ve been contemplating catfishing for a while and today seemed like a nice day to go. I’ve always enjoyed catching channel catfish – they fight great, look pretty cool and taste great. Cayuga Lake seems to have a decent catfish population – especially on the north end, so off we went.

Jessica and I had a good time catching some sunfish/bluegills to use for cut-bait. The northern portions of Cayuga are loaded with panfish and some very nice largemouth bass (in very shallow water I might add.) This was a shakedown trip – a day to figure out what we’ll need when we make a serious attempt at catfishing. We worked a couple areas for 2 hours or so with the cutbait with zero hits. So we didn’t give it long. I met a couple other catfishers and they reported catching a few bullheads but no cats. The water levels are low on Cayuga and there isn’t much current being generated by the dam at the north end. The mosquitos and various flies were out in full force and my truck and boat were covered as we pulled the boat out. I purchased a heavier 2nd. anchor and an assortment of catfish tackle, so we will be trying again – probably after the next good rain. Stay tuned!