Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s 6/10


Guided Andre and his brother Rob for the full day. The guys have done their share of jigging in the past, but wanted to get my take on it, as well as see some good areas on Cayuga. I had them try a few different things – LH crank reels, as well as some grip changes in the rod. Some stuff stuck, some didn’t. Fishing wound up being decent with 4 nice lakers landed and a fair number of fish missed and lost. Rob lives in Texas and it was fun hearing about the fishing there, as well as trying some superb Texas Style venison sausage sticks – the best I’ve ever had!

We tried about an hour of bass fishing, basically hitting one area on the east shore without encountering much. Lakers ranged from around 40′ on out to 75′ or so. Friends found some fish in as shallow as 27′. I also had a great report of some hot jigging action on Owasco Lake before 7 am. Fun day and things are really just getting underway.