Cayuga Lake out of Dean’s 6/24


There’s good fishing, great fishing and fishing bordering on the edge of insanity. Mark D. one of my top “clients” was treated to the latter. I’ve never been a huge numbers guy. Usually we catch a few fish and I’ll happily try for another species unless it’s a bass tourney or a fishing derby. Mark busts his butt at work and really loves being out on the water. So today was a numbers day 😉 We set up at 6:15 am and the fishing craziness started. Just fish after fish chasing and hitting. We put a bunch of fish in the cooler within an hour – fish pushing up to 31″ and probably all of 9lbs. Mark kept hammering fish and by the around 2 pm he’d landed around 25 fish! Imagine if 2 people had been fishing all day. How about from sun-up to sun down? When you have 1 to 5 fish chasing the jig nearly all day these things can happen. I fished for about an hour and a half and got 5. Mark lost another 1/2 dozen and missed God knows how many. Just superb. The fishing was so great Mark booked me again tomorrow!

Occasionally everything falls into place on a fishing trip. Sometimes things don’t happen as I’d like them to. Last Tuesday on Keuka was a very tough day – though my guys landed a couple lakers. Today was the opposite. Expect good to excellent fishing on Cayuga over the next few weeks. Sure, there may be occasional “bumps in the road” but if you’ve wanted to try the jigging, now’s the time. A half day in the evening is a perfect way to get this technique down and have some fun. We had one boat come by us trolling and the binoculars came out while Mark was battling a fish. Within 10 minutes they’d stopped and started jigging. That pretty much says it all….